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Volunteer Brochure
Volunteer Brochure2

We are always looking for volunteers for our different programs which are:
• After School Program
• Rogers Raising the Grade
• Teen Drop In
• Summer Camp
• Board of Directors
• Special Events
• Special Skill

Why Volunteer?
• It’s a FUN environment!
• You can gain experience working with children and youth
• Use your skills or talents to help teach others
• Volunteer hours can be used towards mandatory High School Credits
• Achieve a sense of satisfaction being a positive role model and giving back to your community!

We could use your help!

There are many ways to help the Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG depending on your skills, interests & availability.

Program Volunteer

Program Volunteers work directly with the children or teens and the staff team in daily programs. Program Volunteers are often invited to participate in training offered to staff at little to no cost. There are several locations in Cornwall/SDG to choose from. 

There are 3 main programs;

After-School Program Sept-June 3-6pm
Teen Drop-In Program Sept-June 6-8pm
Summer Camps July-Aug 8 am- 5 pm
Rogers Raising the Grade Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3-5 PM

* see programs for more information

Special Events Volunteer
Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG has several fundraising and special events throughout the year. These events are a lot of fun and offer unique networking opportunities.

Special Skills Volunteers

Do you have a passion or hobby that you would like to teach children and youth?
Individuals with a special skill they would like to share with children and youth are always welcome! Special skills can include anything from dance, art, science, music etc…. Special Skills Volunteers can offer a one-time session or choose to offer an on-going program for several weeks/months.

Youth Volunteers

Youth between the ages of 14 - 17 who wish to volunteer are required to first become Members of the Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG. Once they are Members, they must actively participate in the Keystone Leadership Program before applying to volunteer. The application must be endorsed by a Program Facilitator.

Steps to Take

1. Fill out an application form available on the website OR at our main location (506 Clubhouse)
2. Schedule an interview with our Volunteer Coordinator. In the interview let us know why YOU want to volunteer and if you have any special skills to share!
3. Police Check & References – All volunteers require a police check and vulnerable sectors check that is less than 6 months old. Forms for obtaining your police check are available from the Volunteer Coordinator
4. Follow-up! We will go over some important information and choose your location to begin volunteering.
5. Orientation – Congratulations you’re a volunteer! We will get you started at your chosen location where you will meet the staff, children, and youth! We make sure you know all the important information of your location and that you feel comfortable.
For more information contact Kaitlyn by e-mail or call (613-935-9015) at the 506 Clubhouse.
A great resource for volunteering in Cornwall is Volunteer Cornwall.

For more information contact Kaitlyn by e-mail or call (613-935-9015) at the 506 Clubhouse.

A great resource for volunteering in Cornwall is Volunteer Cornwall.

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