What Volunteers Say About Us

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Jessica says, "Volunteering with BGC's teen program just makes me feel good all around! The teens are great, staff are amazing and we always have a fabulous time! Volunteering with BGC's various events is also very rewarding - I've met so many wonderful people over the past few years! They offer flexible volunteer hours and really make it 'a good place to be!'"

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Cathy says, "I volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club because I feel it is important to keep children/teens engaged in out of school activities, whether it be sports, clubs [music/drama/chess..etc]. I feel the Boys & Girls Club is great way for teens to interact with adults and their peers is a safe/monitored environment. They are expected to follow the rules of the club and participate in activities, as well as, take pride in their club by keeping it clean and tidy, especially after snacks or cooking. I have always enjoyed working with the younger generation, just being there if they need a helping hand.. or just someone to chat with."

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