The Club (Teens Only)

The Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG is proud to offer a variety of youth programming! Our programs are designed to engage youth from Grades 7-12 and provide a safe supportive place where youth can explore interests, learn new skills, and build new friendships. Our program is offered in one convenient location in Cornwall, 506 First St. East and can be accessed Monday to Friday from 6-8 PM. Our program highlights are listed below along with our monthly calendar:

Physical Activity
Join us Tuesday evenings for our Sports Night or Wednesday’s for our InsideStrong workout with certified Coach Joel.

Homework Help
Check out Rogers Raising the Grade listed under Programs for more information!

Longboarding for Youth Program
Every Thursday during our warmer months youth can participate in this program and learn how to Longboard by our experienced staff. Safety equipment is supplied if needed and the program takes place at the clubhouse.

Cooking Program
Every Friday we offer a cooking program that allows youth to prepare a variety of different meals and of course they get to eat it after!

Leadership Skills
Leadership is such an important skill for youth to learn throughout their adolescent years to prepare them for the future. We allow for the opportunity to build skills through group activities and volunteer opportunities.

Flex Your Head
This program is designed to bring awareness and insight to mental health.

Special Events/Opportunities
• Once a month we have a Saturday “Teens Nite Out” from 6-10 PM
• Youth have the opportunity to travel and participate in Boys & Girls Club related events.
• Volunteering at BGC fundraising events
• Recreational out trips
• Guest Speakers

506 Clubhouse
506 First St. East
Monday to Friday
6-8 PM
Grades 7-12

To register for our teen program The Club, please visit our 506 Clubhouse (office).

Why I love BGC...

"Why do I love Boys & Girls Club... well I would have to say because I get to make new friends and learn how to cook and make my life meaningful.  Also, I get to learn new things like different card games etc.  That's why I love BGC!" Kelly, age 17

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Teen Resources
Bullying Canada Bullying Canada is a website that helps Canadian youth deal with bullying problems.
Canvas The Kids Help Phone is a confidential service where the youth of Canada can find someone to talk to about their problems.
Food My Food Guide is an interactive tool that will help you create a personalized food guide.
Be Dealing with a loss? Bereaved Families of Cornwall & Area help individuals learn to live with loss.  If you or someone you know has experienced a loss visit Bereaved Families of Cornwall & Area for more information.
Youthline Youth Line: The Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line is a toll-free service provided by youth for youth. For more information please visit the Youth Line.
Canadianredcross An Informative site with information on Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention. Canadian Red Cross Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention.
Reachoutlogorgb For advice, information or help with mental health, suicide, self-esteem, drugs or alcohol, family relationships, peer pressure, loss, and grief or violence please check out this website: Reach Out.
R Word Help spread the word to end the word.  Take the pledge to help end the use of the "R" word. Spread the Word.

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