Our Team


Jacquie Richards
Executive Director
Email: jacquie.richards@bgccornwallsdg.com

Kristina Allard
Director of Operations and Development
Email: kristina@bgccornwallsdg.com


Karen Lebrun
Finance Manager
Email: karen@bgccornwallsdg.com

Lacey Loynachan
Program Manager
Email: lacey@bgccornwallsdg.com

Deborah Locke
Program Manager
Email: deborah@bgccornwallsdg.com

Club Coordinators

Linda Merpaw-Lebel
Administrative & Special Event Coordinator
Email: linda@bgccornwallsdg.com

Kaitlyn Legue
Youth and Volunteer Coordinator
Email: kaitlyn@bgccornwallsdg.com

Kalie Richardson
Communications Coordinator
Email: kalie@bgccornwallsdg.com

Kaitlin Herfkens-Uguccioni
Counties Coordinator
Email: kherkens@bgccornwallsdg.com

The Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG is proud to offer great staff who are well trained. Our staff is trained in CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health), High Five (Principles of Healthy Childhood Development), Coaching, Safe Food Handling, First Aid, CPR, and Defibrillator training.

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