Pink Shirt Day Raises Awareness and Funds

Published March 06, 2017 08:00

What great support the community has shown Boys & Girls Club, Pink Shirt Day and anti-bullying initiatives in Cornwall and SDG (#BullyFreeSDG).  This year was the seventh year for our Pink Shirt Day campaign.  It was a great success as we saw many new people, as well as, many returning community champions.  This year we were able to raise $25,000 to support our anti-bullying programs and initiatives!

Pink Shirt Day 2017 Kids

The main goal of Pink Shirt Day has always been to put a stop to bullying, this year however, Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG wanted to focus more on a positive message to combat bullying.  Be Kind. Be Great. BE YOU! is a message to remind people that one of the best ways we can stop bullying is by remembering to be kind to everyone, regardless of who they are. Be great by treating others with respect.  And most importantly BE YOU by being that amazing person you truly are.  

We were also grateful for our partnership with CogecoTV Cornwall.  Together we create the Youth Booth Pink Shirt Day edition.  Members of our staff and CogecoTV Cornwall went to all seven high schools within the City of Cornwall in an ambitious project to get a youth perspective on Pink Shirt Day and bullying.  The results became these amazing videos:

St. Lawrence Secondary School

Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School

Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School (CCVS)

St. Joseph's Catholic Secondary School

L'École Secondaire Publique L'Héritage

École Secondaire Catholique La Citadelle

St Matthew Catholic Secondary School

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