Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day was February 28, 2024

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors and the incredible community in Cornwall, Glengarry, and Dundas for their unwavering support and belief in the power of kindness!

Pink Shirt Day is a national anti-bullying campaign. Every February, Canadians, regardless of their station in life, put on a Pink Shirt to let everyone know that they choose to be Bully Free.

Bullying is a problem at schools, workplaces, homes and over the Internet. Each year thousands of people in Cornwall and S.D.&G. and much more across Canada show their support by donning pink on Pink Shirt Day. Pink Shirt Day is now an internationally celebrated day, but it’s origins started right here in Canada.

David Shepherd and Travis Price, both of Berwick, Nova Scotia, started the movement, which is now known as Pink Shirt Day, back in 2007. The pair noticed a grade nine student at their school being bullied because he had chosen to wear a pink shirt to the first day of school. The boys decided to take a stand against bullying by going to local stores and purchasing 50 pink shirts to wear. The next day, Travis, David and 48 of their friends wore their pink shirts to school as a unified stance against bullying.

In 2009 many BGC Clubs across Canada began supporting this anti-bullying movement and have helped spread the word that bullying is NOT OK. The BGC Cornwall/SDG began our Pink Shirt Day campaign in 2011 when we decided that we wanted to “Paint Cornwall Pink.”

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