Viscount Alexander Public School


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After School Program: Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm.
Senior Staff: Kristian

My favourite thing about the BGC is...

Charlotte, age 10, "I love BGC because it's like a home away from home and everyone here was so welcoming on my first day.  That was four years ago and I'm coming next year too!  I love all of the staff here and all of the new friends made.  Spencer, Kristian are my favourite staff at Viscount, and Mr. Murray too."

Ella, age 8, "I love BGC because we get to do really fun arts and crafts for special days.  I really like the food, it's yummy and it's healthy for you.  Kristian and Spencer are really funny.  I get to help them to do a lot of stuff when they need help.  The games we play are cool and I learned a lot of new games that I know now how to play and they are very fun."

Jacob, age 11, "One reason why I love BGC is that we get to eat a snack and get to do physical activity.  My second reason why I love Boys & Girls Club is that it's a great place to be at.  I love BGC!"

Mitchell, age 11, "I like BGC because of the staff like Ryan, Lacey, and Logan."

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