Specialty Programs

BGC offers a wide range for specialty programs throughout the year.
You can check out and register for what we are currently running here.

Kid Food Nation

Kid Food Nation is a national initiative that helps kids and families develop food skills through hands-on experiences related to planning, preparing, and cooking. The program also features an online hub with resources for healthy eating and meal preparation, and a national recipe competition that encourages kids to put their food literacy skills into practice and submit original, healthy, and nutritious recipes. Our Kid Food Nation online hub (kidfoodnation.com) was created by Corus Entertainment, and our program is developed through collaboration with Dietitians of Canada.

BGC Studio

This 8-week program provides introductory Guitar and Ukulele lessons, virtually or in person.  BGC Cornwall/SDG has partnered with O’Neill Studios to offer this great FREE opportunity to our members and if you do not have a guitar or Ukulele BGC will provide you with one from our Lending Library. This program is offered throughout the year for youth between the ages of 7-18.

Learn On

Learn on is a multifaceted academic support program for youth between the ages of 13- 18. This program aims to bring educational attainment, enhance academic opportunities for youth, and support youth as they enter adulthood. The Learn on Program offers an environment for learning, mentoring, and exploration opportunities for our youth. This program is offered in Cornwall at our 506 Clubhouse as well as at our Dundas Clubhouse in Winchester.

Discovery Lab

Discovery Lab aims to engage kids in science concepts through an interactive 8-week curriculum that connects science to real world contexts for youth 6-12 years old.

The program works with Club kids early and often, at a critical age before study and/or career decisions are made. Specifically, the program:

  • Focuses on hands-on experiments, covering a range of science areas.
  • Increases participants’ understanding of scientific approaches.
  • Creates opportunities for problem-solving, idea refinement, and iterative learning.
  • Helps young people discover career opportunities in STEM fields.
Kid Tech Nation

Kid Tech Nation is a BGC Canada national program that introduces children aged 7 – 12 to computational thinking, coding, and communication skills in a fun, beginner-friendly, and collaborative environment. Pilot programs for Kid Tech Nation are running at 20 Clubs in 2018.

Teen Chef Academy

Teen Chef Academy is a cooking program for youth ages 13-18 years old. This program is designed to help youth gain skills and confidence in the kitchen while making healthy meals.

Power Up

Power Up! is an academic support program designed to help children and youth develop academic and social skills that will help them in school and in life. Our goal is to teach self-confidence and a positive attitude towards learning.